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We recognise the importance of a good website; one that delivers content and information to our customers in a clear, accessible manner. With this in mind, we’ve taken the following action to ensure our website promotes our services in a way that works for everyone:


  • The main font used throughout our site is Open Sans. This helps with legibility and clarity.
  • Where possible, live text is used instead of graphics. This reduces the time it takes for pages to load, allows screen reader devices to interpret our content, and allows individual browsers to resize the text when necessary. 

Images and layout

  • No information is exclusively conveyed using colour alone. Whilst we do use colours throughout our site to organise content, we also do this using methods that are not colour dependant. 
  • All of our pages are designed responsively and will adapt to fit on any size screen without a horizontal scroll bar.
  • We also make sure that our foreground and background colour combinations provide a sufficient contrast when viewed by someone with colour issues, or when viewed on a black and white screen.


  • On every page of our site we offer details on how to contact us if users would prefer offline information. 
  • Our language is clear, simple and appropriate for the content it is describing.
  • We structure large blocks of information, dividing it up into smaller paragraphs to make it easier and more enticing to read. 
  • An XML sitemap is offered to provide information on the general layout of the site.
  • Our navigation is consistent across all of our pages.
  • Where required, text is accompanied by graphical, video or audio presentations to help explain the information being relayed. 


  • Whenever individual features use functionality that does not comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we’ve done all we can to make these features as useable and accessible as possible.
  • Despite our site relying heavily on JavaScript, we’ve ensured that it is still useable even if JavaScript is turned off.
  • Every effort has been taken to comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, specifically regarding Priority 1 and, when possible, Priority 2 Guidelines.
  • We’re always looking for ways to improve, and are committed to ensuring all of our content is developed under the guidelines outlined above. 
  • If you are experiencing any problems accessing out site, or have any ideas on how we can improve your online experience, please get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help.